Monday, August 2, 2010 7:27 AM Posted by Luc Schrijvers

Dogs that crossed our way in live and touched us.

Jessie, a small white mixed breed from a local accidentel litter. She stayed with us for 11 years, and we and our dogs had a great time in her presence. You were the little one that kept the big ones in hand! Due to health reasons we had to part our ways ... Love you always!

Kolyma's Siberian Kianga aka Sunshine, the last puppy born in our litter, with pain we had to say farewell, our veterinary did everything to bring you back to live when you were born, sadly nothing could have been done to get you through. You will be loved and remembered allways! Kisses my lovely girl!

Qannik, bought before we started looking for registered breeders, whe only had the pleasure of having him with us for 5 days. In those days he touched our heart so deeply that it confirmed our love for the Husky breed! RIP Qannik! We still miss you ...

Xilla, you came to our place at an older age were you became Nicks best friend. Although you didn't get allong at first, the both of you teached us what having Huskies is all about. Some food you took when you were walking didn't agree with you and you died a short while after. Know that we still cary you in our hearts!

Nick and Xilla

Nick our first husky that came to our place in the early nineties, lived with us and the kids over 8 years, then sadly due to changes in our live we had to find a new place for him to live. With tears in my eyes I took him to the shelter ... know that we hope in our hearts that you found the place you deserved. Love you always!